To assist you in determining the applicable duties and taxes, please refer to the de minimis table below. This table provides examples of countries and their de minimis thresholds for duty.


The information provided regarding countries and their de minimis thresholds is for reference purposes only. It is intended to offer general guidance and should not be considered as official or binding. JewelEMarket does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information related to custom duties. The details provided are subject to change without notice and may vary based on specific circumstances and locations. 



De Minimis Threshold Value on Customs Duty

Australia AUD 1000
Austria EUR 150
Belgium EUR 150
Canada CAD 150
China CNY 50
Czech Republic EUR 150
Denmark DKK 1150
Estonia EUR 150
Finland EUR 150
France EUR 150
Germany EUR 150
Greece EUR 150
Hong Kong HKD 0
Hungary EUR 150
Iceland 0
India INR 1000.00
Ireland EUR 150
Italy EUR 150
Japan JPY 10,000
Latvia EUR 150
Lithuania EUR 150
Luxembourg EUR 150
Mexico USD 50
Netherlands EUR 150
Norway NOK 350
Poland EUR 150
Portugal EUR 150
Russian Federation EUR 200
Saudi Arabia  SAR1000.00
Singapore SGD 400
Slovenia EUR 150
Spain EUR 150
Sweden SEK 1600
Switzerland CHF 5
Taiwan TWD 2000
United Arab Emirates AED 1000
United Kingdom GBP 135
United States USD 800